Road trip 2006 abridged version

I meant to blog about our road trip as we went along, but I never seemed to get the chance. Now we're 60% done, and I haven't blogged anything. So here is the short version of the story thus far:

Both Yuka and Robert got unemployed by March 2006. Given the opportunity, we wanted to take a big chunk of time off together to do some traveling. Since we both only started driving seriously in the last few years, we'd never done a big road trip (as adults) so that sounded like a fun thing to do.

Originally, we had planned an open-ended road trip, but Yuka went and got herself a job just before we left (the details of which can fill several entries :), so we had an endpoint in early July giving us about 2 months of time. When we were working, we both thought that we could do and see everything in North America that we wanted to do in 2 months, but once we actually got out a map and a calendar, it quickly became clear that the USA is big, and we had to start cutting things.

We picked up our car in San Francisco, drove down the coast on Highway 1, did some stuff in SoCal, hit Vegas for a few days, travelled across the southwest, visited 3 sets of people in Texas, went to Louisiana, cut across the deep South to North Carolina to see my great uncle Bob, stopped in DC for a few days with friends, drove up the East coast to Boston where I saw 2 aunts, and then on to Maine. Maine was the northernmost point, from there we've come down to southern New Hampshire/Vermont for an awesome dinner, and we head down to Pennsylvania Dutch country tomorrow. From there we head west across to central Illinois to see my parents, then across to Denver, and then across to the San Francisco Bay area.

We've taken over 500 pictures that we've yet to upload, so we'll probably start blogging about things in non-chronological order at this point.

Time to go to bed so we can get up early for the drive.

P.S. Despite its faults, we love our Bluetooth GPS system for Treo. Looks like the price went way up as we got it on special for $160, instead of the $299 they are selling it for now.

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