TextMate looks unHackySensorable

I’m in the process of learning Ruby on Rails, and apparently the canonical editor for RoR on Mac OS X is TextMate. Philip asked me to look into adding HackStat sensors to TextMate so I could be sending sensor data to HackyStat as I do RoR hacking. It appears that TextMate, despite it’s extensive programmability, doesn’t provide the type of hooks that would be necessary to send DevTime sensor data to HackyStat.

In March 2006, the TextMate developer said he was going to be working on callbacks in a future version. In October 2006 the developer said that such callbacks were “not around the corner”

Depending on TextMate’s AppleScriptability, it might be possible to write a separate daemon that queries TextMate periodically for the sensor data. Still need to investigate that.

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