Jay Corbett’s Famous Gruel Recipe

While I’m blogging recipes, here’s Jay Corbett’s famous gruel recipe. Jay was a tenured UH ICS faculty member who left Hawaii for the Bay Area, and currently works at Google.

While in graduate school he had some Indian roommates who frequently made curry. Jay took their recipes and adapted them to one that he really loved. At some point, he realized that he liked this dish so much that he would be happy eating it every day, so each week he’d cook up a big batch and eat it for dinner most nights. He’d still eat out for lunch and the occasional dinner, but for home cooking, this was it. He started calling it gruel, which is ironic since it’s very flavorful.

Since he was the only one making it, he didn’t have any written recipe. In the interest of making it myself and preserving it for posterity, I watched him make it one day and took notes. So enjoy the gruel, it goes well with rice.

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