New MacBook Pros released

As expected, Apple released the new MacBook Pros today. Mostly they have faster CPUs, can expand to 4 GB of RAM, and have LED backlights (no mercury, theoretically longer battery life).

Also as expected, Apple’s Back to School promotion started today. Buy a new Mac, get a $199 rebate on an iPod (which means you can get a free 4 GB iPod nano).

I made a spreadsheet on price comparisons (done with Google Documents). Sadly, the hosted version of WordPress (which I use for this blog) does not allow iframe tags, so I cannot embed the spreadsheet directly in this entry.

So it looks like the cheapest is the student developer deal by about $70, though that involves more hassle. However, if I choose not to get an iPod nano then the developer deal is substantially better (free nano is only for educational purchases). Also with the developer deal I can customize the MBP, upgrading to a 7200 rpm drive for $120, which is not possible through the bookstore.

I guess I’ll wait to see what next week’s WWDC has in store, since I’m not in a rush.

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