HECO IRP session on Global Warming

Last Friday I attended HECO’s Integrated Resource Planning Advisory Group Technical Session on Global Warming. There were a variety of presenters talking about economic, environmental, and social aspects of global warming.One striking presentation was by Chip Fletcher that discussed the impact of global warming on Hawaii’s coastline. He said that planning for a 1 meter rise in sea level by the end of the century is a conservative estimate (this is a combination of sea level rise and the effects of heavy rains). He had some compelling slides showing what would be underwater with a 1m rise, including parts of the Campbell industrial area, downtown Honolulu, and Waikiki. Unfortunately, the presentation isn’t available on HECO’s site yet, but this Honolulu Advertiser story has one image at the end. He also says that Hawaii’s beaches will be gone for the most part by the end of the century, which is sobering.A couple of other tidbits: a presentation by DBEDT’s energy group estimates that Hawaii’s greenhouse gas emissions increased by 7.5% from 1990 to 2005. The at which people recycle beverage containers is closely related to how big the deposit is on them. That’s not too surprising, but apparently Germany has a deposit of $0.25 € (US $0.33 today) and their recycling rate is close to 100%!

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