PowerBook AC adapter extension cords

One of the annoyances of moving a laptop between home and work is having to plug the AC adapter into the wall outlet (which is often inconvenient to reach). You get one 6′ cable with the AC adapter and a “wall adapter” plug so it is feasible to leave the AC cable plugged in at one location and use the wall adapter at the other. But what if you need to plug in your PowerBook on the road?I found that you can use this RadioShack cable, model 61-2876 as a replacement for the Apple AC cable. It’s thinner so it’s easier to pack, and it’s quite cheap (I think I paid around $5 when I bought it at a retail store). You just plug it into the AC adapter, and it works. YMMV.One time I misplaced my Tivo’s power cable, and I found that RadioShack also made a power cable that had the right connector (I can’t remember the part number). A lot cheaper and easier to get it from RatShack than to mail order it from Tivo or someone else. 

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