Nihon Noodles = mediocre ramen

Nihon Noodles is a new ramen restaurant that opened in the old Neo Nabe location next to Bunmedio bakery on King St. They boast Hakata, Tokyo, and Sapporo style ramen. Yuka and I both tried the Hakata-style ramen, and I ordered 3 pieces of gyoza. The gyoza came out several minutes before the ramen, which is a bad sign (gyoza almost always takes longer than the ramen at a good place). The gyoza weren’t terrible, but tasted like they were bought frozen and then cooked.

The ramen itself was not very good. The noodles were cooked too long, and there were too many of them for the bowl they were served in. The broth was OK, nothing special. My char siu slice was pretty tough (I could not bite off a piece when holding it with chopsticks).

We were the only customers during the time we were there, and there were more employees than customers. Not a good sign.

We won’t be going back, even if we had a coupon. The problem for a new ramen shop is that Honolulu already has several excellent ramen purveyors. Thus, it’s not enough for a new ramen shop to be OK or good, it has to be as good as or better than the competition. I’m going to call this the incumbent threshold.

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