ICS 699 Fall 2008 week 3: slow week

I was on the mainland most of the last week, so I haven’t accomplished much on ICS 699 stuff. I gathered some more data, using the new technique of adding a waypoint (via the flag button on the AGL3080) when changing modes of transportation. I have noticed that it is hard to remember to do this, so the waypoint data is definitely incomplete. Philip suggested that I augment the waypoints with voice memos (possibly via some iPhone application) to record what is going on at that point. Of course one still has to remember to do it. 🙂

I’m thinking that instead of focusing on this constant data collection, I should try a controlled experiment where go through a planned route traveling both by car and on foot while carefully recording where I go. Correctly segmenting that data stream would be the first milestone for the automated data analysis. I also realized that rather than a completely generalized system (that can distinguish between walking, biking, cars, busses, etc), just being able to tell when you are driving and when you are not would provide a large portion of the data I want.

While traveling, I kept the GPS data logger on in airports until it was time to board the plane. However, I think while in the airports of connecting flights I frequently didn’t get GPS signal, which would be a problem for any type of automated analysis of air travel. Perhaps the best that the system can do is detect when you have traveled by air and offer to import the detailed information from something like TripIt.

Sunday is the Ubiquitous Sustainability workshop at Ubicomp 2008, so I’ll be assembling a short talk on PET in case that turns out to be useful.

Past week accomplishments:

  • Continued logging GPS data and travel diary

Hours worked: 2 (target: 15 hr)

Plans for coming week:

  • Prepare 2 short presentations for the 2 Ubicomp workshops I’m attending
  • Present to CSDL for Ubicomp practice
  • Read workshop papers
  • Continue recording GPS data & travel diary on trip #2
  • Attend Ubicomp
  • Write up workshop notes

Pointers to work products:

  • Blog post

Cool links:

  • Academia is a sort of social networking site for academics. It provides a tree view of institutions, and a canonical place to put up an academic profile page. Right now UH has one department and one person listed.
  • ImageStamper is a solution to the problem of authentication of CC licensed images. Say you grab an image from Flickr that is CC licensed, but later the owner changes the license and harasses you about your use of the image. ImageStamper keeps a timestamp of the image and the license it is shared under for future reference.
  • LimeSurvey is an open source package for running online surveys. Might come helpful when evaluation time comes.

1 thought on “ICS 699 Fall 2008 week 3: slow week

  1. aaron

    hey robert, i’m a little interesting in your data storage solution once you get down that road. especially when you think of scaling (probably a long time away from now).


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