Ubicomp 2008 blogging, day -1: travel

I’m going to try to blog daily about my experiences at Ubicomp 2008. Today was all travel, starting in Honolulu at noon on Friday 9/19, ending at 9 PM 9/20 in Seoul (damn you International Date Line!).

When I got to the airport in Honolulu, I realized that I had no idea when or what I was going to be fed so I grabbed lunch at the new Kona Brewing Company outlet in the airport. The food was fine, marked up like airport food always is. However, I now realize that US airlines crappiness has now lowered my expectations of how air travel should be. Korean Air fed me lunch (which became lunch #2) of bibimbap that was quite tasty, and then dinner before landing at Incheon. This was in coach of course. Their in-flight magazine even has a listing for each route they fly that shows the various meal & beverage services that you will receive, but also the timing of each.

The KAL flight attendants were all female and none could have been more than 40 years old (probably late 20s early 30s). The probabilities of that happening by chance seem low to me. One even had to stare down a passenger that claimed he would pee in his seat if she didn’t let him go to the bathroom (the seatbelt sign was on due to turbulence).

The Incheon airport had a Dunkin Donuts right outside the exit from customs. I suppose I should be sad that American chains are taking over the world, but I have a soft spot in my heart for fried dough and Dunkin Donuts in particular.

On the road from the airport I noticed that periodically along the side there were stationary lights of the type you would see on a police car. Some were on the middle of straightaways, others were at forks in the road. I’m guessing these were placed to get drivers’ attention (maybe to get them to stop speeding). I bet it is effective, from a distance when I saw the first one I thought a cop had pulled someone over.

Tomorrow the workshop portion of the conference starts. I’m attending the Ubiquitous Sustainability workshop in the morning, and the Devices that Alter Perception one in the afternoon. I’m presenting and giving a quick demo of SocialSense at the DAP workshop.

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