Ubicomp 2008 blogging, day 0: workshops

Today I had both workshops I was participating in. There was a lot of information packed in, too much for me to summarize in one late night blog post. A sampling of stuff from the workshops:

Ubiquitous Sustainability:

  • Using air quality monitors on street sweepers to provide lots of regular coverage of streets
  • Designing for positive social change, instead of instilling fear
  • Monday 9/22 is no car day in Seoul!
  • Privacy is the counterpoint to measurement (the more you measure, the less privacy you have)
  • Intrinsic vs. Extrinsic motivations for change (intrinsic being more valuable long term)
  • Getting away from any association between sustainability and sacrifice
  • Sustainability is a long term societal learning process
  • Thinking of a building as a country, in which the citizens (users) can vote democratically on the air conditioning temperature!
  • Beijing Olympics, polluters like factories shut down to improve air quality for the games, but now that games are over they want to start up again. However residents have now experienced better air quality and heard discussion about it in the media, and want to keep the air cleaner.

Devices that Alter Perception:

  • Artificial Synesthesia: Stetten et al 2007, finger-mounted laser bounces of objects and returns to a photosensor, which converts the intensity of reflected light into vibrations of the finger
  • Opaque technologies are ones where the technology is the focus, transparent technologies are ones where the task becomes the focus because the tech has disappeared.
  • Haptic research “Feel the Force” that recreates the light saber training that Luke Skywalker got in Episode IV of Star Wars. Sam would love this. 🙂
  • Thinking about haptic output for SocialSense (belt?) to provide awareness of other people without looking at a screen.

OK, tired and that’s only a fraction of my notes. I noticed the split between Mac and PC laptops at about 50/50.

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