ICS 699 Fall 2008 week 4 & 5: Ubicomp!

It was a long 2 weeks, but it went by quickly. Ubicomp was great, saw a lot of interesting work, some with direct application to PET. Rather than try to summarize it all here, I’ll finish off my Ubicomp blog entries this week.

There is continuing interest in the LaTeX thesis style I worked on back in 1998, with requests from two more ICS grad students. Based on a suggestion from Josh Wingstrom, I’m going to put it in Google Code so that changes can be kept under version control. Hopefully this will improve maintainability and longevity as students graduate.

Of course this means I have to finally get around to installing TeX on my MacBook Pro. It appears the situation is less complicated than it was a year ago, MacTeX-2008 seems like the obvious way to go now. There’s been a lot of changes in the TeXspace in the last decade: WYSIWYG editors, direct to PDF output, etc. Gotta catch up.

Past weeks accomplishments:

  • Prepared short presentation on SocialSense for DAP workshop
  • Presented to CSDL for Ubicomp practice
  • Read workshop papers (on plane)
  • Some GPS data logging
  • Attended 2 workshops and Ubicomp proper
  • Wrote blog entries on Ubicomp

Hours worked: oodles (target: 15 hr)

Plans for coming week:

  • Finish blogging last 2 days of conference
  • Write up items relevant for PET from conference
  • Write up lessons learned for future conference attendances
  • Read papers on transportation activity sensing for lit review
  • Install TeX
  • Put UHM LaTeX thesis style up on Google Code for broader adoption
  • Create CSDL tech report for proposal draft
  • Start filling in proposal literature review from papers read

Pointers to work products:

Cool links:

  • SlideShare was mentioned at Ubicomp as the preferred way for presenters to make their presentations available to others, basically it’s YouTube for presentations. The preferred tag for Ubicomp this year is ubicomp2008.

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