Lessons learned from Ubicomp

These are meta-issues I learned from attending the conference, to remember for the next conference I attend.

  • Don’t leave the night the conference ends if possible. I didn’t know the daily schedule for Ubicomp until long after I had made my travel reservations. Turns out the conference schedule went past 6 PM, so I had to leave before the end of the conference to catch my flight. In future I’ll just plan to stay that extra night so I can be sure to attend the conference until the end, and not have to deal with my luggage the last day of the conference.
  • I think it’s time to update the canonical CSDL presentation template. I think the style and font choice seem somewhat dated now. While I don’t believe in presentations with fancy backgrounds and other fripperies, I think it could be updated. In a conference environment, it was quite helpful to see information in the header & footer of presentations: slide N of M, presenter name & organization.
  • If I had more time in South Korea, I would have visited the DMZ. However, while giving blood last week I learned that there are three different strains of malaria in the DMZ area, and if I had visited I would not have been allowed to give blood for 2 years!

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