ICS 699 Fall 2008 week 6: TeX and literature review

This week was spent finishing off loose ends and preparing for my literature review. I finished all the blogging related to Ubicomp, and made the UH thesis LaTeX style publicly available in a more accessible format. I started the literature review (read and commented on 1 measly paper so far), but now have a central location for my literature review notes.

At this point I feel I really have to read as many papers in the area as I can to get a better idea what has already been done, and what is likely to be done in the near future. Naturally, both those things are areas I would like to avoid.

Past weeks accomplishments:

  • Finished blogging last 2 days of conference
  • Wrote up items relevant for PET from conference
  • Wrote up lessons learned for future conference attendance
  • Installed TeX
  • Put UHM LaTeX thesis style up on Google Code for broader adoption, and Google Group for discussion
  • Created CSDL tech report for proposal draft

Hours worked: 15 (target: 15 hr)

Plans for coming week:

  • Read 4 papers from literature review list
  • Look at websites with related functionality from list
  • Add publications from PET workshop paper to BibTeX
  • Write up outline of final tech report
  • Fill in more parts of research portfolio

Pointers to work products:

Cool links:

  • Instapaper is a bookmarking site with a twist. It’s designed to collect URLs for things you want to read later. You use the provided bookmarklet to add things to your reading list, and then as you read things from the list they are recorded as read. That’s nice, but the real power comes from the associated iPhone application that can download web pages from your list for offline reading. It also has a text mode that does a good job of rendering web pages as rich text, which displays faster and with less clutter.

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