Week 14: TED API and first draft

I read an interesting paper about carbon neutrality and carbon offsets. They conclude that the path from retail payment for an offset to actual projects can be long and complicated, and that one should examine the details of the projects funded by the offsets closely. They have also evaluated a variety of carbon footprint calculators, which often go hand in hand with the sale of offsets.

After reading this paper on using whole-home energy meters to break down electricity usage, I’m thinking about buying The Energy Detective (TED) for use at home. The cost for a meter plus the computer software for downloading data is less than $200. Interestingly, they now have an API available, though you have to email them for details. However, the API must be pretty functional, since there is now a TED toolbar for Firefox. It would be nice to finally get some data so I can start doing some implementation work.

I’ve started writing more on the tech report, but it can’t really be called a first draft yet. Writing should be easier now since I have read a lot of the papers I was planning to write about. I should be writing about a page a day at this point.

On Thursday I am giving a 30-minute presentation to ICS 690, so I need to work on that. Friday I’m attending the all-day NSF workshop on developing proposals.

Planned items from last week:

  • [IN PROGRESS] Write first draft of tech report
  • Read 2 new papers from literature review list
    • [DONE] Carbon neutral – sense and sensibility
    • [DONE] How Much Energy Are We Using? Potential of Residential Energy Demand Feedback Devices
  • Write up notes from papers read during PET paper lit review
    • [DONE] Promoting Environmentally Sustainable Behaviors Using Social Marketing In Emerging Persuasive Technologies
  • [NOT DONE] Finish running through carbon metric calculators

Other accomplishments this week:

  • Figured out how to make a LaTeX macro for CO2, which I was typing a lot

Hours worked: 15 (target: 15 hr)

Plans for coming week:

  • Make slides for ICS 690 presentation
  • Practice ICS 690 presentation
  • Continue writing tech report
  • Read 3 new papers from literature review list
    • IPCC report 4 summary
    • Dormitory residents reduce electricity consumption when exposed to real-time visual feedback and incentives
    • A Bright Green Perspective On Sustainable Choices

Pointers to work products:

Cool links:

  • None

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