Week 15: presentation and NSF day

Last week most of my effort sent into preparing for my presentation to the ICS 690 seminar. I posted the result on SlideShare. Most of the hard work was actually moving my proposal forward, after that, writing the presentation wasn’t too bad.

At the presentation, I got some useful feedback. Mark Stillwell pointed out something I had also been thinking about, which is that the idea of aggregating data from ubiquitous sensors for analysis has application for lots of other areas. One that I’ve explicitly thought about is Hackystat (automated collection of sensor data from software development for software process improvement), but I wonder if there are generalized techniques that can be used for analysis and motivation across domains.

Professor Binsted suggested that I think about how I might work with Better Place, as Hawaii has signed on to the Better Place network. Not sure what I would do with them, but it’s something to think about.

I spent Friday at NSF Day at the Hawaii Convention Center. There was a lot of useful information about NSF, the structure of the organization, and how to apply for grants. I’m not there yet, but it’s good to get the information from the horse’s mouth. The CISE directorate (I love saying directorate) is planning to start a Green IT project sometime in 2010 or 2011, which could be an interesting source of funding.

I didn’t get as much reading & writing done as I had hoped last week due to the focus on the presentation and NSF day. Planning to catch up this week.

Future thought: Beyond PET: what would happen if PET is a big success? Philip asked me to think about this, and I’m going to need some time to mull it over.

Planned items from last week:

  • [DONE] Make slides for ICS 690 presentation
  • [DONE] Practice ICS 690 presentation
  • [ONGOING] Continue writing tech report
  • Read 3 new papers from literature review list
    • [DONE] IPCC report 4 Synthesis report
    • [NOT DONE] Dormitory residents reduce electricity consumption when exposed to real-time visual feedback and incentives
    • [DONE] A Bright Green Perspective On Sustainable Choices

Other accomplishments this week:

  • Tech report bibliography now only lists works cited, and doesn’t show annotations. The proposal still has the full annotated biblio.
  • Attended NSF Day, learned a lot about NSF, CSIE, and grant writing

Hours worked: 25 (target: 15 hr)

Plans for coming week:

  • Finish first draft of tech report
  • Read 3 new papers from literature review list
    • To be specified later, based on the tech report draft

Pointers to work products:

Cool links:

  • WebCite is a solution to the problem of citing URLs in scholarly works. You can provide them with any URL, and they will archive it and provide you with a permanent URL that will show that page as it was when you archived it. The goal is to allow scholars to cite URLs without worrying that the content will change in the future or simply disappear. This should remove some of the reservations people have about citing URLs.

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