Week 16: final report

Not much to say, continuing to work on my tech report, due this Friday 12/19. Found this amusing climate penance device, called the Thighmaster.

Planned items from last week:

  • [IN PROGRESS] Finish first draft of tech report
  • Read 3 new papers from literature review list
    • [DONE] Four month Moon and Mars crew water utilization study conducted at the Flashline Mars Arctic Research Station, Devon Island, Nunavut
    • [DONE] The Khazzoom-Brookes Postulate and Neoclassical Growth
    • [DONE] Fueling Our Transportation Future

Hours worked: 20 (target: 15 hr)

Plans for coming week:

  • Finish final draft of tech report, turn in to Philip
  • Read any papers I need to fill in gaps for the literature review

Pointers to work products:

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