New Year -> New Techreports

The spring semester is here, and I’ve been slow to get up to speed this semester. I need to get cranking.

Work since start of 2009:

  • Read Philip’s comments on literature review document from last semester
  • Converted comments into a todo list
  • Made some wording changes suggested by Philip
  • Uploaded final frozen revision of 08-03 lit review tech report (all additional changes going into new 09-05 report)
  • Wrote elevator pitch for PET
  • Got set up with new CSDL tech report system, which is pretty sweet
  • Made some suggestions about the CSDL tech report system
  • Created tech report 09-05 for my standalone lit review document, and 09-06 for my dissertation proposal
  • Converted tech reports 08-02 and 08-03 into 09-06 and 09-05 respectively, and committed them to svn
  • Fully groked LaTeX figure insertion, wrote wiki page about it
  • Created LaTeXTips page on CSDL tech support site
  • Started creating & inserting screenshots requested by Philip

Hours worked: ? (target: ? hr)

Plans for coming week:

  • Write half-pager for grant proposal
  • Finish figure additions to lit review
  • Start on synthesis tables for lit review
  • Review TED installation guide for feasibility

Pointers to work products:

  • Embedded above, except 09-05 and 09-06 don’t have a public PDF at this point

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