Research portfolio and green action lists

Now that (a snapshot of) my literature review is finished, I completed the last component of my research portfolio: the statement of purpose. There are a few things I need to tweak in the portfolio, but it should be ready to submit to the faculty in the near future. That’s one more thing I can check off my Ph.D. todo list.

When collecting screenshots for my literature review, I was struck again by the problems that face systems that use lists of green actions as their primary method of user interaction. So, I wrote up a discussion of the problems of green action lists, and how PET can improve on that type of system. Eventually it will be a part of the vision document, but for now it’s just an HTML draft.

Planned items from last week:

  • Review TED installation guide for feasibility
    • DONE, looks like it might be possible without an electrician, but definitely will require turning off power to the circuit breaker panel (which means interaction with building management)
  • Write personal statement for research portfolio
    • DONE, draft available here
  • Create alternate version of 09-05 that meets research portfolio requirements
    • DONE, available here
  • Write up problems with systems that use green action lists
    • DONE
  • Start vision document for proposal
    • Not done, though green action list writeup has some kernels for it

Other accomplishments this week:

  • Asked Henri whether single space is acceptable for lit review
    • Answer: nope, must be double space
  • Flattened tech report 09-05 to remove symlinks to proposal
  • Emailed Dave about the grant proposal, setting up meeting

Hours worked: 10 (target: 15 hr), working on ICS 621 assignment

Plans for coming week:

  • Write outline of vision document
  • Make list of secret sauce ideas, and how they fit into existing research
  • Start detailed scenario for vision document
  • Finishing touches on research portfolio
  • Grant meeting?
  • Submit research portfolio to faculty?

Pointers to work products:

  • All embedded above

Cool links:

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