Editing lit review and thinking about Saunders metering

I spent most of my time this week incorporating Yuka’s extensive edits into the related work chapter. I’m in the process of making a final pass through the document, at which point it will be ready to be attached to my research portfolio, which I can submit to the department for approval. Hopefully that will allow me to jump through the final hoop before I can submit my proposal (other than, you know, having a finished proposal).

I’ve also been thinking about what kind of research I could do around the floor-by-floor electrical metering in Saunders Hall. From the papers I’ve read, there is good reason to believe that providing computer support to the people trying to reduce energy usage. Specifically, providing people with a community area where they can share ideas, news, and support one another is likely to increase the amount of energy they can save.

There are 6 floors being metered, which I was thinking could break down into 3 subject groups running on pairs of floors: control, real-time feedback displays, and feedback displays coupled with a focused community website. The expected results would be 5-15% reduction from the floors with real-time feedback displays, with further reductions on the floors participating in the community website. So the hypothesis is that adding an online community focused on energy reduction to a real-time feedback display can increase the rate of energy savings.

I’m also working on finding out what will be happening with the Saunders Hall energy saving competitions that are planned. If they involve installing feedback displays on each floor, then the experimental design above would need to be modified.

Planned items from last week:

  • Incorporate Yuka’s edits into literature review
    • done
  • Make final pass through lit review
    • in progress
  • Submit research portfolio to grad chair
    • not done
  • Work on hypothesis and research questions for Saunders metering idea
    • in progress

Other accomplishments this week:

  • Helped in the first phase of installing solar panels on the roof of Saunders Hall

Hours worked: 20 (target: 30 hr)

Plans for coming week:

  • Finish final pass through lit review
  • Backport lit review changes to 09-05 tech report
  • Submit research portfolio to grad chair
  • Develop hypothesis and research questions for Saunders metering idea

Pointers to work products:

Cool links:

  • Google Quick Search Box is a tool to provide a quick way to perform a Google search, launch an application, play a song, etc. It looks pretty cool, but is definitely beta quality.

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