Macro-level electricity feedback displays

Last week was Earth Day and the UHM Sustainability Fest. I spent some time working in the Sustainable Saunders Energy team booth, helping to answer questions about renewable energy and what we’re doing at Saunders.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about feedback about energy use for the upcoming Saunders studies, and it got me to thinking about feedback on the macro level. UH Manoa has made some pretty aggressive goals for electricity reduction: 30% reduction by 2012, 50% reduction by 2015 (based on 2003 baseline). As I understand it, the campus now has electricity meters monitoring the connection to HECO, so we should have good data about how much electricity UHM is using. With data on how much electricity UH used in 2003, it should be easy to have a graph that shows how much UH has to reduce energy usage by to meet the two goals. I’d be happy to create such a graph and keep it updated at least monthly, if I had access to the data. Unfortunately, it’s not publically available right now. I think a graphical representation of how far UHM is from these goals (2012 isn’t that far away!) would be helpful in motivating the entire institution to action.

I also realized that the same thing could be done for Oahu and the state of Hawaii as a whole. Hawaii has set goals for the percentage of electricity generated by renewables, and DBEDT is publishing monthly reports on the state’s energy usage. It should be easy to create a graph that shows how we are progressing towards those goals.

I’m still working on my draft intervention comparison tech report. It’s not complete, but will be shortly. I’m also thinking about what my end of semester report should consist of. The intervention tech report could be part of it, perhaps also a trimmed version of my literature review appropriate to the Saunders metering research.

Planned items from last week:

  • Finish draft of intervention comparison chapter
    • not quite done
  • Finish dorm energy competition paper
    • done, a very interesting read
  • Read next paper from revised reading list
    • done, read about Kuckuck. Not as illuminating has I had hoped.

Other accomplishments this week:

  • Worked Saunders booth at Sustainability Fest
  • Provided feedback on CPATH NSF proposal
  • Put intervention document into it’s own tech report (09-12)

Hours worked: 25 (target: 30 hr)

Plans for coming week:

  • Finish draft of intervention comparison tech report
  • Revise draft based on Philip’s comments
  • Send 09-12 to Dave Nixon
  • Make graph of Hawaii state energy usage

Pointers to work products:

Cool links:

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