Implementing WattDepot

After review of the WattDepot REST API, Philip suggested that I add a diagram to clarify the relationships between the resources, so I’ve done that. With the API complete (at least for now), I’ve moved onto the actual implementation. I decided to start with the easiest part, so the Health resource is working now, and I’ve done some refactoring to make it easier to write test cases, and to customize the server parameters through a properties file. Next, I’ll be implementing the User resource, which will require getting authentication working. Initially, I’ll just store the data in memory with no on-disk persistance, but later I’ll probably be storing the data in CouchDB.

Plans from last week:

  • Revise REST API based on feedback from Philip
    • done, added diagram to show how resources fit together
  • Start implementing REST API
    • done, implemented Health resource
  • Finish reading docs for Google Visualization data source library
    • not done, but probably should finish reading before implementing CouchDB storage

Other accomplishments from last week:

Pointers to work products:

Plans for this week:

  • Implement user authentication in WattDepot
  • Implement User resource
  • Implement memory storage of data
  • Start reading CouchDB manual
  • Finish reading docs for Google Visualization data source library

Cool links:

  • PollEverywhere is a service that allows you to run real-time polls with votes from text messages, tweets, and mobile and desktop web browsers. You can put make a poll into a slide in a PowerPoint presentation, or embed it in a web page. It’s free for up to 30 (32 for academia) voters per poll. That’s great for many classes and presentations.
  • Project Lombok is a library that provides Java @annotations to make implementation easier. For example, you can use @Data to provide getters, setters, toString, equals, and hashCode. Looks pretty sweet.
  • Stormpulse is pretty nice for tracking hurricanes, like hurricane Felicia which is heading for Hawaii. Luckily, it is very weak now so it will just mean a little more rain and wind than usual.

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