Preparing WattDepot for minimal demo

After I posted last week’s blog entry, Philip and I met and we ended up completely revising my plans for the past week. We decided that I should try to see if I could get enough of WattDepot implemented by Wednesday for a short demo: inputting data into WattDepot, serving it up in XML, and displaying it using the Google Visualization API. In order to meet this deadline, I prioritized the implementation of the code paths needed for the demo: storing SensorData, retrieving SensorData, and implementing the Google Visualization data source API via library.

The other thing we decided I should work is preparing the system for distribution. The system is now under continuous integration with Hudson, the Ant tasks for building a distribution now work, and I’ve brought up a “public” server on dasha, thereby confirming that the JAR from the distribution works.

Regarding the First International Workshop on Software Research and Climate Change, I decided that it was going to be too difficult to prepare the position paper, get travel funding, and actually attend the conference in Florida. The organizers have a mailing list called Software Engineering for the Planet, which I have joined to keep an eye on future workshops.

I also met with Olin Lagon about home power monitoring. He has been testing out different units, so I got some information on his experiences with the meters. I’ll write up my notes later.

Plans from last week:

  • Get Hudson working for WattDepot
    • done (mostly by Philip)
  • Get WattDepot build files working for building distributions
    • done
  • Set up public WattDepot (but not particuarly functional) server on dasha
    • done
  • Finish implementing SensorData resource
    • done, but still working on equivalent client methods and unit tests
  • Finish implementing rest of demo featureset
    • not done
  • Annotate REST API with which parts are implemented so far
    • not done

Other accomplishments from last week:

  • Post-processed REIS seminar slides and video (now a canonical task)
  • Checked out Olin Lagon’s home power meters

Pointers to work products:

Plans for this week:

  • Write unit tests for SensorData resource (PUT, GET)
  • Implement TabularFileDataInputClient
  • Implement Google Visualization data source API
  • Attend metering meeting at Blue Planet
  • Annotate REST API with which parts are implemented so far
  • Once demo feature set implemented, upload distribution to Google Code site
  • Start filling in parts of implementation that were skipped for demo
  • Write up meter notes

Cool links:

  • None to report.

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