WattDepot first release available

As usual, the last 10% took longer than expected, and I spent all last week finishing WattDepot up. It now has all the functionality required by the first WattDepot assignment in ICS 413/613. Virtual sources are working (except for some exceptional cases), and interpolated resources like power, energy, and carbon all work. There’s also a new wiki page explaining how to use the WattDepot client library. To help those unfamiliar with the physical concepts behind electrical power, I wrote a page explaining those concepts. There is now a public distribution of WattDepot available, but no installation documentation so not really useable outside the class context yet.

While getting WattDepot to this point was pretty exhausting, there’s still a laundry list of refactoring and features needed to make it more generally functional. I’ll be working on that this week.

Plans from last week:

  • Finish implementing Power resource GET for a timestamp
    • done
  • Design and implement Energy resource GET for a range of times
    • done
  • Design and implement Carbon resource GET for a range of times
    • done
  • Refactor some of the bogus WattDepot code that has accumulated
    • started, but much more to be done

Other accomplishments from last week:

  • Discovered that PMD failures were not failing Hudson builds for projects derived from hackystat-developer-example. Fixed for wattdepot, oscar-project, and hackystat-developer-example, but others could be lurking.

Pointers to work products:

Plans for this week:

  • Make list of refactoring changes to implement
  • Start designing real persistence layer
  • Make Saunders demo with virtual source Google visualization?
  • Start planning for next 413/613 assignment
  • Write WattDepot server installatoin and configuration wiki page

Cool links:

  • UHM thesis/dissertation LaTeX style. This has been worked on by many hands, and I recently passed on the link to ICS MS student who passed his defense and now needs to work on formatting. đŸ™‚

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