Refactoring WattDepot

I spent most of last week working on refactoring some cruft out of WattDepot. The core data types (Source, SensorData, and User) now all have proper constructors and all the code that was in utility classes has been folded into the datatypes themselves. This makes the rest of the system easier to read, but it means it will be a pain if I need to modify the XML schema in the future. If I need to make schema modifications, perhaps I will use the JAXB schema compiler in the other direction to go from code to XML schema.

There is still more refactoring that needs to be done, especially around the interpolated resources. I need to start creating issues in the Google Code site instead of my current tracking via TODO.txt.

Next week on Thursday 11/12 I will be giving an hour-long presentation on my research. Philip will be out of the office for the latter half of that week, so I want to have a draft presentation ready by the end of this week. The other important deliverable for this week is a carbon emission rate resource for WattDepot, which will be needed for the next ICS 413/613 assignment.

Other WattDepot features that need to be implemented are persistence and bringing the Google visualization servlet up to the rest of WattDepot (supporting virtual sources, authentication, etc).

Plans from last week:

  • Make list of refactoring changes to implement
    • mostly done, should be turned into Google Code issues
  • Start designing real persistence layer
    • not done. Philip and I agree that for expediency’s sake I should stick with Derby for now
  • Make Saunders demo with virtual source Google visualization?
    • not done, requires visualization data source improvements
  • Start planning for next 413/613 assignment
    • done, only new feature needed is instantaneous carbon emission rate
  • Write WattDepot server installation and configuration wiki page
    • deferred: without real persistence, probably nobody should be using WattDepot just yet, so no point in writing up installation instructions that will need to be changed

Other accomplishments from last week:

  • Produced a list of “known good” values from the current WattDepot public server for the ICS 413/613 students
  • Wrestled with bad video from REIS seminar, probably due to dirty camcorder heads. Arg.

Pointers to work products:

Plans for this week:

  • Turn TODO.txt into Google Code issues
  • Implement instantaneous carbon emission rate resource in WattDepot
  • Write up code review description for Philip
  • Prepare draft presentation for ICS 690
  • Make GVisualizationServlet support virtual sources
  • Start working on DerbyStorageImplementation

Cool links:

  • Google Wave is pretty interesting (just got an invite last week). In theory, it seems pretty useful, but until many of the people who I collaborate with have accounts, it’s hard to tell if it will be useful in practice.

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