Yet more WattDepot work

Last week I got WattDepot ready for the next ICS 413/613 assignment. This included adding fuel types to each of the sources, and then implementing each of the new CLI commands to ensure that they could actually be implemented šŸ™‚ Along the way I made some changes to the client that only became apparent when running the client independent of the server.

I also changed the server so that it can load default resources from one big file instead of one resource per file. This greatly speeds startup when there are 100K+ resources to load (like Oscar-generated sensor data for 2 months).

I’m still working on slides for my presentation for ICS 690 this week. After that is done, I will shift to working on persistence in WattDepot using Derby.

Plans from last week:

  • Turn TODO.txt into Google Code issues
    • done
  • Implement instantaneous carbon emission rate resource in WattDepot
    • not done, ended up using emissions over 1 hr of energy as basic measure
  • Write up code review description for Philip
    • not done
  • Prepare draft presentation for ICS 690
    • in progress
  • Make GVisualizationServlet support virtual sources
    • not done
  • Start working on DerbyStorageImplementation
    • not done

Other accomplishments from last week:

  • Prepared documents for REIS RA renewal application
  • Sped up WattDepot server startup from minutes to a few seconds
  • Implemented ICS 413/613 CLI assignment
  • More problematic video from REIS seminar. Double Arg.

Pointers to work products:

Plans for this week:

  • Finish slides for presentation to ICS 690
  • Start working on DerbyStorageImplementation

Cool links:

  • N/A

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