WattDepot has persistence

The Derby persistence implementation is now complete. This week I will start performance testing the Derby persistence implementation, and work on the GVisualizationServlet so we can visualize virtual sources. Loading default data into WattDepot using Derby for storage (no network traffic) is running at ~876 sensor data entries per second, which seems pretty good.

Plans from last week:

  • Remove last of HashMap code from DerbyStorageImplementation
    • done, along with some other cleanup (like running unit tests on both DB implementations)
  • Start performance testing of Derby storage implementation
    • just started

Other accomplishments from last week:

  • Ate lots of delicious food

Pointers to work products:

Plans for this week:

  • Test performance of Derby implementation
  • Make GVisualizationServlet work with virtual sources
  • Review grant proposal?
  • Close some more WattDepot open issues

Cool links:

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