WattDepot, now with Google Visualizations

After discussion with Philip, decided to prioritize the Google Visualization data source work over performance testing. WattDepot now provides a data source for the Google Visualization API that allows plotting multiple types of data on the same graph, and expanding virtual sources into their component subsources. I have written a wiki page about using WattDepot’s Google Visualization data source.

Plans from last week:

  • Test performance of Derby implementation
    • deferred for now
  • Make GVisualizationServlet work with virtual sources
    • done
  • Review grant proposal?
    • not done, working on it this week
  • Close some more WattDepot open issues
    • closed some issues, but opened more new ones

Other accomplishments from last week:

  • Registered for Spring 2010 classes
  • Tracked down CSDL’s copy of Snow Leopard Server from UHM Bookstore
  • Pushed out new WattDepot release and notified 413/613 students of visualization availability
  • Watched some crazy big-wave surfing in Waimea Bay without getting sunburned

Pointers to work products:

Plans for this week:

  • Review NSF proposal
  • Plan script for 10 minute screencast
  • Close some additional WattDepot issues

Cool links:

  • Google Goggles is an Android application that lets you take pictures of objects (only some are recognized) and does a search for relevant information. Will do OCR on text found if it doesn’t know about that type of object.

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