WattDepot going “real-time”

In the past week I have added a new REST API method to support near-real-time queries in WattDepot. The goal is to support user interface widgets that display the latest sensor data from a source, such as a smart meter in a home or dormitory. I have also written a command line monitoring client that shows how to use the new functionality. Both of these will be released as part of WattDepot 1.2 in the near future, hopefully with the addition of a sensor that collects data from TED 5000 home smart meters.

Speaking of sensors, I created a wiki page that explains how to write a WattDepot sensor. This should be helpful for anyone planning to write a sensor to support a new type of meter.

In other WattDepot news, there are three projects in ICS414 this semester that are related to WattDepot. The WattDepot Apps team are working on demonstration web applications for WattDepot. The first application is a visualizer that makes use of the Google Visualization API to make graphs of WattDepot data. It should be ready for a 1.0 release very soon. Next they will be moving on to create a web application that monitors the latest sensor data from a source using the new API method. In the future, hopefully they will be working on a browsing application that lets users look over the users and sources in a WattDepot repository.

The Stoplight Gadget team is working on a Google Visualization gadget that checks a data source for a value, and based on user-settable thresholds displays a traffic light as either red, yellow, or green. While this is a general-purpose visualization gadget, we expect to use it with WattDepot data as part of the UH dorm energy competition, though precisely how is yet to be determined.

Finally, the Energy Meter team is surveying power meters that can be used for the UH dorm energy competition. While they have been in a data gathering phase so far, they are now switching to implement a Modbus/TCP sensor for WattDepot. This sensor will be used to collect data from the floors of the dorms in the energy competition.


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