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Honolulu Coders

If you are a programmer in Honolulu, you should check out the Honolulu Coders group. The meetings happen roughly monthly on a Wednesday at the University of Hawaii at Manoa POST building and cover a wide range of topics, including Java, Ruby (on Rails), and new trends in software development. There is a web page with some information on past meetings (requires registration with disCourse), and there is an iCal feed for future meetings.

Tonight’s meeting will have a presentation on Meme Tools and Sam Joseph (the primary instigator) will be talking about his new iPhone and “how it sucks” [for using web apps that require drag and drop ūüôā ]

Oh yeah, and there is free pizza sponsored by Ikayzo. What more could you ask for?

Hopefully this blog entry will increase the chance that someone searching for “honolulu coders” will actually find useful information (right now the top hits are some references from another Hawaii mailing list, which is weak).

MarcoPolo, context-aware location switching for OS X

MarcoPolo is a very cool little GPL-licensed application that allows you to define different contexts (which are often locations) and switch between them based on fuzzy rule matching. The rules are based on evidence like what WiFi access points are nearby, what monitor your are connected to, what USB devices are attached, etc. When switching to a context, MarcoPolo can perform a variety of actions, like changing the default printer, changing your iChat status message, etc.

So the most common usage pattern is to create contexts for the different locations you use your computer, use the rules to detect your location, and then set up actions you want to take when you arrive or leave a location. Very cool stuff, and it’s open source too boot!

Cool SIGGRAPH 2007 demo

Here is an interesting new image processing technique. The authors have created an algorithm for stretching and compacting images while maintaining the important parts of the image by subtracting (or adding) the least complicated parts. The video is quite cool, especially the part at the end where people are removed from an image!

The paper¬†has more examples (though I haven’t read it all the way through). I have directed the links via¬†CoralCDN¬†because the home site in Israel was loading very slowly, at least from Hawaii.