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We sold our LavaNet shares

Mostly coincidentally to this roadtrip, Yuka and I (along with all the other shareholders) sold our share of LavaNet to Pali Ka'aihue, our longtime friend and co-worker and now president. We had planned the roadtrip before this deal came up, so it's not like we sold our shares and then headed out on the trip. I apologize if we were vague or evasive during the roadtrip with regard to any questions about our ownership of LavaNet, but we were bound by the confidentiality clause of the agreement.

In case anyone is wondering, the sale is the best possible outcome for a sale of LavaNet. Pali has been an employee since way back, he embodies the LavaWay, he cares about the LavaNauts, and he cares about the customers. The LavaNet shareholders and optionholders finally got some return on their investment, while keeping LavaNet alive and intact.

I wish Pali and the LavaNet team great success going forward!

Here is the Honolulu Star-Bulletin article on the sale.