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Regarding the title of this blog

So perhaps you're wondering why the blog has such a long title, and what the heck it means? Regardless of whether you are wondering, I'm gonna tell you. 🙂

"Seize the Moment of Excited Curiosity for the Acquisition of Knowledge" means that when you are wondering about something (like what is the country of Dominica, as opposed to the Dominican Republic), you seize upon that fleeting "excited curiosity" and find out more now. If you don't, the feeling will pass and you'll have lost the opportunity to learn more about the universe.

The phrase is something that my parents used to say when I asked a question (oftentimes at the dinner table). It was something my maternal grandfather used to hear from his father, and it got passed down. It's presumably an abridged version of this William Wirt quote.

Anyway, I decided that it was a good expression of what this blog is about, and what life should be about in general.