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Actually imported data last week

While the minimal demo is not yet complete, WattDepot can now accept sensor data, and I have written a client that takes tab-delimited data from Veris power meters (via Building Manager Online) and sends it to WattDepot. This allows me to input the Saunders Hall data to date, since I have all that in files chunked by month and meter.

The final step required for the demo is getting the Google Visualization data source Java library working. I’m working through the examples and dependencies now, and intend to have something demoable this week.

Been doing the REIS seminar thing for a few weeks now, so the process is fairly cut and dried now. Hopefully shouldn’t cut into research work too much.

Plans from last week:

  • Write unit tests for SensorData resource (PUT, GET)
    • done
  • Implement TabularFileDataInputClient
    • done
  • Implement Google Visualization data source API
    • in progress
  • Attend metering meeting at Blue Planet
    • done
  • Annotate REST API with which parts are implemented so far
    • done, listing things as unimplemented until they are unit tested
  • Once demo feature set implemented, upload distribution to Google Code site
    • not done
  • Start filling in parts of implementation that were skipped for demo
    • not done
  • Write up meter notes
    • deferred, going to wait for feedback from Olin

Other accomplishments from last week:

Pointers to work products:

Plans for this week:

  • Implement Google Visualization data source API
  • Upload demo distribution to Google Code site
  • Add Energy resource to REST API document
  • Add Carbon resource to REST API document
  • Start implementing Energy resource

Cool links:

  • CARMA is a global database of carbon emissions by power plants. Has pretty good listings for Hawaii, as well as an API.